About Me

Friends and family know me as the guy who loves to help and make people laugh.

I’m an entrepreneur, a husband, a dad, and an expert in marketing and automation. I love technology, music, and learning, but the most crucial thing in the world to me is family– and not stepping on Legos.

The most important thing in the world to me is family. Click To Tweet

I grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs. From mechanic shops to tattoo studios, I’ve always had a business owner within arms reach. As I grew older, my family got a computer, and that’s when a whole different world opened up to me…


I ripped that computer apart, and as my mother likes to tell the story:

I came home, the PC was laid out across the counter in pieces, and there Kris was, playing a video game on it.

I, of course, reassembled the computer, but it seems like that moment made an impact on her.

My first business, lemonade stands aside, was a computer business where I built computers from used parts and sold them to neighbors for much cheaper than they could get a new computer at the store. Business was good, but like any business run by a 14-year-old, retained earnings weren’t a thing.

Like any business run by a 14-year-old, retained earnings wasn't a thing. Click To Tweet

I Learned to Code

My next endeavor was to learn how to secure funding for a future business idea: I wanted to learn how to code, so I sold my mini-bike and used the money to purchase PHP reference manuals. The internet wasn’t as good as it is now.

I spent a lot of time learning to code and landed a couple of website development gigs. It was great money, but again, being as young as I was, I eventually moved on to other things.

Discovering WordPress

I then found this amazing thing called blogging. Most notably, I learned of WordPress. It changed my life. At this point, I was of working age and had spent over a decade learning how to use computers, code, and build websites. Now, WordPress came in and revolutionized how I viewed web design and content publishing.

Money Management

Money was always an interest of mine. There was a time when I told my parents to take a second mortgage out on their house to buy Microsoft stock at about $26.00 a share. I learned something at that moment: Parents, as a rule, don’t get 2nd mortgages to buy stock on the advice of a teenager.

Parents, as a rule, don't get 2nd mortgages to buy stock on the advice of a teenager. Click To Tweet

Even though the investment would have made a boatload of money, I later learned that for me personally, I hate debt. I do anything I can to avoid it, even if it means taking longer to do things. I’m very much a bootstrapper.

Eventually, I got older, as many of us do. Now, I was in charge of my own finances. I directed all of my own money, invested in my own interests, and made high returns. I learned a valuable lesson: the best investment you can ever make is in yourself.

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. Click To Tweet

Not because I lost money, but because I made a lot more money when I invested in myself. I spent $50 on PHP development books, and it has earned me countless thousands over the years. I’ve invested in numerous web projects, nearly all of which have turned a profit.

Most projects that I have funded earn a minimum of 500% to 1000% return. You don’t get that in bank accounts, and you rarely get that in the stock market. Do some projects lose money? Absolutely, but the profit far outweighs the loss.

What Lies Ahead

I have no idea what the future holds, but I like where it has taken me so far. For this website, you can expect lots of entrepreneurship, inspirational, and WordPress related content. Stay inspired.